CryptoSX Joins Forces With Okra Finance to Bring Security Tokens to Institutional Participants

CryptoSX is one of the pioneer platforms in the Security Tokens space. We have now secured a partnership with this licensed Digital Exchange platform to bring the unique STO asset class to the Permissioned DeFi world.  We are excited to announce a landmark partnership with – a fully-licensed digital assets exchange platform that is […]

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Stablecoins 101: What are they and How do they Work?

Stablecoins have been around for some time, but today, the buzz around it is no longer limited to the crypto and blockchain community alone. Traditional finance analysts and Institutional investors are looking to grab a piece of the pie by exploring the prospects of leveraging stablecoins for DeFi investments. Likewise, Regulators and Law enforcement agencies […]

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Come see us at Consensus 2022 – booth#340

Consensus is a landmark blockchain conference hosted annually by media giant, Coindesk. Every year, prominent developers, investors, and thought leaders in the blockchain space come together to showcase innovative ideas and have critical debates about the future of money & decentralized finance. Since its inception in 2015, the Consensus festival has grown exponentially to become […]

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Okra Finance is excited to announce a partnership with Realbox

One of the fast-growing segments of blockchain technology is tokenization of assets. Through tokenization, the tangible asset can be divided into digital tokens that represent fractional ownership of the asset. These tokens would be traded securely on a blockchain ledger and are made accessible to worldwide investors. The smart contract in each token would ensure […]

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Okra Finance partners with Vera Labs

Okra Finance is excited to announce our official partnership with Vera Labs. The partnership showcases Okra’s on-chain asset management platform and composability of its unique technology. Our proprietary adaptors allow institutions to access a wide range of DeFi strategies in a cost and operational efficient manner. Institutions can layer multiple strategies, yields and risk management […]

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Dcentral Austin 2022 ticket Giveaway

How to win free Tickets to Dcentral Austin 2022  Follow @okra_finance on twitter Tag 2 friends and Retweet the Official promo tweet 2 people will be randomly selected Each selected person will win 2 General Tickets for Dcentral Austin 2022. Winners will be announced on Twitter @okra_finance  Dates and Location Event date: 7 – 8th […]

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Okra Finance partners with SupraOracles

  We are delighted to announce a landmark partnership with SupraOracles – a unique blockchain data analytics platform ​​focused on redefining the future of information services in global digital assets markets.  This partnership will enable us to integrate SupraOracles’ blockchain data and analytics technology to smooth out our next-generation Permissioned DeFi index strategy execution platform. […]

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Consensus 2022 Giveaway

Consensus is a landmark event hosted annually by blockchain media giant, Coindesk. The event is dedicated to showcasing ideas and celebrating innovation and having critical debates about the future of money & decentralized finance. This year, over 10,000 people are expected to attend the event. It’s a wonderful opportunity for networking, advertising your new project […]

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permissioned defi

Permissioned DeFi vs DeFi

  Permissioned DeFi has emerged as one of the key themes in global finance in recent times. Amid major controversies and regulatory ambivalence in the crypto world. For many years, Decentralized Finance or DeFi has been infamously referred to as the wild wild west of digital finance. Overnight millionaires, nascent markets, specialized products, security vulnerabilities, […]

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