Decentralized Finance

Okra Finance’s ecosystem permits non-custodial transaction utilizing blockchain technology.

Institutional Ready

Enterprise-grade solutions ready to comply with local and internal compliance and business guidelines.

Permissioned DeFi

Our permission settings allow participants to set customized KYC and AML standards at their discretion without compromising the benefits of DeFi.

On-Chain Asset Management

Our proprietary adaptors allow fund managers to directly access a wide range of DeFi strategies, which removes traditional intermediaries and ensures operating and cost efficiencies.

Composable Index

Our drag & drop interface allows financial advisors with zero coding knowledge to create multiple DeFi strategies within a single smart contract transaction.

Smart Contract Execution

Our ZAP instant execution provides transparency and reduces operational complexity as well as settlement risk while generating transaction flow for liquidity providers.

Gateway to the world of Decentralized Finance

On-chain Asset Management,

It is an additional layer of infrastructure designed by Okra team to allow participants to select counterparties per their references (such as KYC/AML, geofencing, and products of different risk characteristics) through a whitelisting process.

DeFi is emerging as an credible and long term asset class, we believe fund managers, custodians, real money accounts, hedge funds, RIA and family offices will be the early participants to Okra platform.

The target launch date is Q3 2022 –  Q4 2022

Yes, we will announce details soon.

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